6/25/22 Note to Flipside

Missed Friday, Make Good Saturday

Dave Balter
2 min readJun 26, 2022

The dog ate my homework.

Not exactly a valid excuse these days, unless your dog happens to consider your mac a chew toy (PC folks just…for shame…)

Solution options:

A. change name of channel to Saturday CEO Notes for this week only.

B. send note and tell people its Friday, they’re just wrong, even though the calendar says otherwise. Stand ground in the face of #facts.

C. figures Bryan is still asleep so technically Friday continues to exist in his world, and thus, all of ours.

<likes C enough to go with it>

Some relentless sh*t happening in Flipside Crypto’s world this week:

Did Anatoly from Solana retweet Dr. Miles Finch III, Esq.’s thread on Solana activities?

Did we sign NEAR to a $1M+ Grant?

Did we deliver EVM madness for Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism, BSC.? (Was Eric Stone, 26 years dead?)

Did we launch Starkware data via our partnership with Tokenflow?

Are we onboarding cream-of-the-crop analytical minds like Dr. Ethereum (Rabbithole) and MSilb (Optimism) and DefiLlama into the alpha of our SDK; Are we watching users already build product like this semantic search solution? Are we readying to steamroll the market with our official launch [soon™️]?

Relentless? We are no longer punching above our weight.

We are setting the weight class, dear Frens.

<revisits excuse options, feels flawed>

D) Come Clean

This week I had a mini family crisis, with one of my kids. My whole schedule went into audible mode (many thanks for the tremendous effort of Julie for adjusting things in real time, anytime, all the time)

I pulled the ripcord on a True Ventures offsite and red-eyed home Tuesday night; I spent time with my family all day Wednesday and, when things were somewhat sorted and under control (as best as they could be), I crawled back onto a plane at 6 AM on Thursday to NYC for NFT week — and returned on the 9 PM flight to be back with the family.

Friday back at it, in full regalia.

One thing I love about our culture: we are relentless, yes, we are unforgiving when it comes to making things happen — and yet we are family first. Nothing is more important than taking care of the people closest to you, and of taking care of yourself. It’s the balance we strike between these themes that make us formidable and capable of achieving anything.

Let’s keep being us. It’s authentic and it’s inspiring. ❤️