Flipside X Prysm X OAN

We first met Prysm’s Reed Cataldo in the sweltering humidity of Singapore last November.

The setting seems an indulgence these days: a 5:30 PM happy hour in a two-step-down, just-seedy-enough restaurant, complete with skewered passed hors d’oeuvres and trays of pre-mixed cocktails — elbow-to-elbow and face-to-face with other humans.

As fate would have it we both were working on projects with OAN (The Open Application Network), and Sam Pajot-Phipps, Head of Strategy at OAN graciously invited everyone to their post-conference hang.

The kinship in our businesses was immediate and electric.

The next day, Flipside had meetings organized at an indoor, open air cafe in the 3rd floor lobby of some cavernous hotel. We swept through a maze of half-backed swivel chairs organized into pods, and stumbled upon Reed and co-worker Joeri van Geelen listening intently to a pitch from a project.

During downtime in between Flipside’s meetings, there was an unsaid awareness of the pace of Reed and Joeri’s meeting schedule across the lobby; they were back-to-back, overlapping new meetings as others were wrapping up — hardly enough time for a bathroom break or so much as a leg stretch.

Early evening, and Flipside’s meeting schedule concluded. As we walked out, we notice Reed and Joeri greeting a new opportunity, shaking hands (again, a Covid-19-era luxury), looking slightly fatigued but clearly inspired — yet nevertheless pushing on.

Jim Myers, Flipside’s co-founder, turned to me and whispered,

“whatever those guys are doing, we should find out more.”

Boston, Massachusetts — May 13, 2020 — Flipside Crypto, the leading business intelligence firm for cryptocurrency and blockchain organizations and Prysm Group, the leading economic consulting firm for blockchain implementations, announced today a partnership to deliver real-time economic analytics for Crypto Projects.

Token Fairness: Are resource contributions toward the consensus mechanism producing rewards?

In addition, they are announcing the first customer, The Open Application Network (OAN), a public infrastructure for Open Apps which give control, privacy, and ownership back to their users, and which utilizes the token AION to enable transactions and network security.

Herfindahl-Hirshman Index: measuring market power amongst those that receive incentives

Projects using the Economic Suite will be able to judge real-time effects of network adjustments via performance indicators; for example, a network that increases its validator rewards will be able to observe its impact on the level of consolidation.

Token Economics: Incentive Power measuring the incentives received by market participants

The Economic Suite leverages a combination of expertise from both organizations: the economic modeling is developed by Prysm Group and the data extraction is provided by Flipside Crypto’s proprietary Chainwalking process.

Token Economics: Token Price Drivers by components of economic value and market participant behavior

The Economic Suite includes visualizations for Circulation and Liquidity Supply and Velocity, Token Price Drivers including 90 Day Price Decomposition, Measures of Exchange and User Activity, Validator Influence and Reward Fairness, Incentive Power, Transaction Processing and other visualizations.

Flipside Crypto, Prysm Group and OAN are unveiling the Economic Suite on Friday May 15, 2020 as a presentation at the Consensus Distributed Conference. The presentation, “Econometrics: Securing your Blockchain with Economic Analytics” will occur via video conference at 1pm ET.



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