Flipside is Seeking: Chief of Staff who isn’t Gandalf.

We accept all candidates regardless of race, gender, color or long white beards.

Dave Balter
2 min readDec 6, 2022

Flipside is hiring a Chief of Staff to work directly with our CEO, Dave Balter, on a variety of cross-organizational initiatives.

Who are you?

  • You’re not an MBA, but could be. Or maybe are, but didn’t want to be. Or went to a top 10 school, or didn’t.
  • Officially never offensive, and often rarely offended.
  • Funny. Haha. That’s a hoot. Your dad jokes are apparent
  • So much operating excellence, forklift drivers ask you for advice
  • Near a time zone that rhymes with wheat toast
  • On time. This time. In time. Or no time
  • Typos make you tence
  • You like your hands so dirty that — for kicks — you dig for yukon gold potatoes in your own backyard

Who am I?

  • So tuned to a spectrum, your radio will change to 3 Hz
  • Terrifying. But not like that movie Lamb. I don’t have the head of a baby sheep, c’mon
  • Expectations so high Harold and Kumar have a table reserved at White Castle
  • Capable of mentorship. Also in womentorship, dammit
  • Tends to ignore everything before the but, but remembers only 1/2 of everything after
  • Likable ~23.2 hours each and every day

Who are We?

Flipside enables blockchain growth through on-demand analytics and community activation. We are partners to Flow, Solana, Near, Algorand, Axelar, Sushi, Osmosis, Thorchain and other top tier blockchains and projects. We are backed by True Ventures, Galaxy Digital, Digital Currency Group, Founder Collective, Avon Ventures (Fidelity), Collab Currency and others. We are experienced executives who understand how to build companies and deliver results.

Full job posting here

feel free to banter me direct at dave at flipsidecrypto.com or on socials…