Flipside Crypto is Seeking a Sales Director Who Packs the Pipe


  • Close things. Like doors. And the cap on the toothpaste. Oh, and deals. Yeah, you close deals.
  • Sleep with one eye on your phone, one eye on telegram and a third eye that is all knowing.
  • Pack the pipe. Heyyyyy…the sales pipe. Pack the sales pipe.
  • Once sold ice to an eskimo. Then realized it was easier to help them extract ice efficiently from their environment, so negotiated a 3-year partnership, developed an auto-renewal clause, redlined out the indemnity and locked in a guarantee.
  • Have hunger so insatiable that Miki Sudo once called you for advice.
  • Are so curious, you not only killed the cat but endangered the whole species
  • Are able to verbalize an 8 word sentence — in 3 words.
  • Are so self aware your mirror asks for feedback.
  • Decided this statement wasn’t a priority so communicated clearly that you were ignoring it.
  • Lean so positive, you may be made of neodymium, iron and boron to form the Nd2Fe14B structure.
  • Apparently once charmed Arizona Zervas into joining your team.

Full details on Sales Director role here

Sound like you or someone you know? Hit us on email, DM, carrier pigeon, smoke signal or pass us a note in class.

Flipside is an inclusive and diverse place where we strive to ensure everyone feels happy, fulfilled, respected, comfortable, and welcome. We provide all the usual feels like cash, options and ridiculous benefits — we are remote first with an office based in Boston.

Pipe packing photo courtesy of Christophe Kiciak



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