An ROI measurement model for Cryptocurrency Treasury Grants

Here’s a wild idea.

What if grants from a DAO or Treasury delivered measurable ROI?

What if the tokens delivered actually returned to the ecosystem.

What if they enabled further community engagement.

What if they were — in essence — recycled?

Flipside: Native Token Recycling (delivered via yield from delegation)

Much has been made of the coming tidal wave…

Composition: 80% player, 20% coach. 7% sharp wit, 11% 100-yard stare, 3.5% I-know-what-you’re-thinking, 18% will of steel, <1% imposter syndrome.


  • Close things. Like doors. And the cap on the toothpaste. Oh, and deals. Yeah, you close deals.
  • Sleep with one eye on your phone, one eye on telegram and a third eye that is all knowing.
  • Pack the pipe. Heyyyyy…the sales pipe. Pack the sales pipe.
  • Once sold ice…

A Culture Activity For Remote Work Environments

In 1983 I was hustled off to camp for 8 weeks in Casco, Maine.

In camp tradition, the highlight of the summer was Color War, a multi-day event where the camp was divided into two teams to compete in sports, arts and other creative endeavors.

Exactly when Color War would…

30 Known Quantities — and 63 Unsung Heroes who are driving the industry forward.

Late last week Twitter — and the cryptocurrency industry in tandem — was hacked, sending a message that was worth much more than a handful of Bitcoins.

By now almost everyone knows the story: Twitter’s verified social media accounts were taken over, and the public was presented undeniably “too good…

Flipside Crypto and Prysm Group Partner to Deliver Real-Time Economic Analytics for Crypto Projects — and Announce OAN as their First Customer.

We first met Prysm’s Reed Cataldo in the sweltering humidity of Singapore last November.

The setting seems an indulgence these days: a 5:30 PM happy hour in a two-step-down, just-seedy-enough restaurant, complete with skewered passed hors d’oeuvres and trays of pre-mixed cocktails — elbow-to-elbow and face-to-face with other humans.


Dave Balter

CEO Flipside Crypto; Prom Date; M&A Junkie

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